Free ALL Converter to TRAK GPS/MP4

For everybody who wants to watch movies with subtitles on Trak devices while traveling, we have prepared a surprise - a simple converter, which can easily convert any FLV, AVI, MKV file to the format readible by the GPS and MP4 devices.

ALLConverter to TRAK GPS

The ALL Converter TRAK has the following features:

  • Possibility to preview a movie during convertion.
  • Choice of quality (HI – for GPS, LO – for MP4).
  • Subtitles in the following formats: srt, smi, MPL2, txt, sub, etc.
  • The ability to download additional font settings like style, color and size, when ALLPlayer 4.1 or above is installed.
  • Converted files can be found in the same directory as the video source. Pressing the “INFO” button provides information about the converted file.
  • New! You can increase or decrease the volume of the movie, which is important when watching it while travelling. We can set the sound only before the conversion.